Still Smokin

A monkey in a hot rod - Tony South - Still Smokin

This work was the first one where the idea of Hypno-Chimp first spawned as a mural on the hotrod door, a motif that ran through a lot of the later paintings.

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Papa Was A…

A gorilla seated on a motorcycle wearing a Rolling Stones t-shirt and a banjo - Tony South - Papa Was A...

Inspiriting comes in many forms and this work was conceived from The Temptations classic song “Papa was a rolling stone”. The line “where ever he laid his hat was his home” sums up the final image on the canvas…The romanticized loner, nomad, or selfish, narcissist depending on your perspective.

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A Brace of Silverbacks

A gorilla on a motorcycle that is braced - Tony South - A Brace of Silverbacks

In my late teens, I bought a Norton motorcycle (in bits ) from a local Hells Angel, I used to sit in my fathers shed polishing the gas tank and daydream of one day straddling this magnificent Icon. Unfortunately I missed a couple of payments, and my dream ended when this burly Hells Angel reclaimed…

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Two monkeys with a motorcycle, bat and spear - Tony South - Defunct

Based on the demise of the British motorcycle industry in the late 60s/70’s with the Japanese and Italians cornering the market with their smaller, cheaper and reliable machines.

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two gorillas and a hot rod - Tony South - Security

This was the seminal  painting that gave birth to the addition of Primates in my work. The contrast between Flesh, fur and skin against the hard coldness of steel and iron was an interesting idea and laid the foundation for later works.

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