a man with a pig's head holding a dog - Tony South - Pea

Another painting involving the pig to human metamorphosis. Slowly getting the humanity back and embracing things long neglected.

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a man with a pig head and a small dog in front of a slot machine - Tony South - Blackpool

A playful quip on the Yorkshire vs. Lancashire” rivalry that exists, albeit in light-hearted banter these days. The tattoo of Billy Casper (from the movie “Kes”) represents the Yorkshireman encroaching on the Lancastrian amusement arcades of Blackpool.

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Parlour Games

a man with a pig head in a speedo seated on a couch next to a dog with a pipe in its mouth - Tony South - Parlour Games

A bawdy collection of Victoriana, academia, and the obligatory Pig guy in speedos. A lighthearted collection of Englishness surrounding a fabulous Aspidistra.

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We Are Always In Our Own Company

A man with a pigs head seated on a chair reading a newspaper with a beer on the floor - We Are Always In Our Own Company

A reflective piece about being at peace with oneself after many years of self-destruction: the newspaper has a small self-portrait on the cover. We are always in our own company.

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two women talking with a dog at their feet - Tony South - Sisters

A painting of my Mum and Aunt having a good old chinwag, the smiley Bull terrier makes up the composition. Sadly my mum and my Aunt passed away, this piece is a nice reminder and keepsake of good times past.

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A man in a karate pose in front of two officers - Tony South - Michael

This painting was based on a weird dream featuring the character “Michael” from the film “Ryan’s Daughter” confronting the police in a weird Karate Kid fashion…very strange but I had to paint it.

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Lil’ Devil

a baby and a dog with red lips and devil's horns and tail - Tony South - Lil' Devil

Based on the media/societies perception of a whole cross-section of dogs and labeling them “Devil dogs,” etc. mainly based on how they look. In the UK, the police were seizing family pets purely because they looked a certain way.

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