A baby wearing a helmet and goggles with his middle finger up surrounded by two dogs and a guitar -

The precursor to the “Brighton bullseye” painting. A fusion of Rock n Roll iconography dwarfed by the child’s security dogs, no ones going to pinch his Gibson.

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A baby with a cigarette looking at a dog with a policeman's hat on - Tony South A.C.A.B.

In my hometown in South Yorkshire in the 1970s and 1980s, amidst the chaos of the Miners strikes, you would often see the phrase A.C.A.B (All coppers are bastards) scrawled on walls and such. A release of tension from a community woefully forgotten at the time.

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A woman walking a bull terrier - Tony South - Gestate

Featuring my own Staffordshire bull terrier, in the painting the pair are both pregnant and single and both vilified by a societal view bolstered by the media in the UK at the time of what was called the “Chav” culture.

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Bill Sykes

a baby rolling a cigarette with a dog - Tony South - Bill Sykes

The infamous Bill Sykes character from the Charles Dickens novel “Oliver Twist” revisited in a contemporary scenario.

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Your Don’t Parley When You’re On The Back Foot

A dog dressed in a suite with a hat and cigarette - Tony South - Your Don't Parley When You're On The Back Foot

A painting influenced by the UK tv show “Peaky Blinders”, who were a street-based gang from Birmingham in UK around the 19th century. They were called Peaky Blinders because they used to sew razor blades into the peak of their hats to cause damage when in a fight.

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The Entrance

A monkey looking up into the sky with a mountain behind - Tony South - The Entrance

A pastiche of the Sci-Fi classic “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. The primate recreating Richard Dreyfuss’s look of awe as the spaceship approaches the mountain top.

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A monkey dressed like Sherlock Holmes with a wolf in the background - Tony South - Elementary

A parody painting of the infamous Sherlock Holmes albeit a lot hairier. The misty moonlit moors staging the Hound of the Baskervilles. The pipe, Deerstalker hat, and cloak adorn the Simian Sherlock.

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