A monkey wearing a hat and two robots behind him - Tony South - Genesis

Inspired by the great Tom Baker who played the fourth Doctor Who from 1974-1981. A nostalgia piece and the series that drew my attention to the Sci -Fi genre as a youth. The Fedora, cravat and long knitted scarf and the arch enemies from the planet Skaro wrap up this little ensemble.

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Riddle Me This

A monkey dresses like the Riddler with a Batman signal in the sky - Tony South - Riddle Me This

Based on the 60’s Adam West Batman era, the Riddler character played by Frank Gorshin was the inspiration behind this piece.

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Shaken Not Stirred

A monkey dressed like James Bond - Tony South - Shaken Not Stirred

A parody piece on the James Bond theme. Trying to capture the suave provocative look associated with 007, especially the Sean Connery era.

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Albert II

A monkey in a space suit - Tony South - Albert II

Chimp/hybrid.. inspired by Albert, the first primate and first mammal in space in 1949, sadly died on reentry.

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Ad Astra

A chimp / gorilla hybrid playing a violin with the moon behind him - Tony South - Ad Astra

Chimp/gorilla hybrid… Ad Astra… The musician and his passion reaching for the stars.

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Planets Aligned

A monkey liking a round lollipop with a planet in the background - Tony South - Planets Aligned

At that moment in time the little red lolly was the young chimps world, meanwhile 33 million miles away….!

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Play Ball

A monkey with a Yankees' uniform on getting ready to swing a bat - Tony South - Play Ball

Simian goes into play, trying to capture the focus on the players face was aim of this work.

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Puttin On The Foil

A monkey dressed like a hockey player - Tony South - Puttin On The Foil

A parody piece based on the “Hanson brothers” from the cult ice hockey film “Slap Shot” The Hanson brothers wrapped their hands with foil so to cut their opponents when fighting in the game., hence the saying “Puttin on the foil”.

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