Displaying Compact Characters Works

A gorilla in a suit as a bouncer - Tony South - In Your Names Not Down

A dog in a space suit - Tony South - Million To One

A monkey with shaving cream and a straight blade - Tony South - The Save That Lead To Matrimony -

A monkey dressed like a hockey player - Tony South - Puttin On The Foil

A monkey with a Yankees' uniform on getting ready to swing a bat - Tony South - Play Ball

A monkey liking a round lollipop with a planet in the background - Tony South - Planets Aligned

a female monkey putting on lipstick - Tony South - Putting on the Ritz

A chimp / gorilla hybrid playing a violin with the moon behind him - Tony South - Ad Astra

A monkey in a space suit - Tony South - Albert II

A monkey wearing a fez hat and smoking a cigarette - Tony South - Just Passin Thru

A monkey dressed like James Bond - Tony South - Shaken Not Stirred

A monkey dresses like the Riddler with a Batman signal in the sky - Tony South - Riddle Me This