Displaying Large Scale Works

Two monkeys seated on a couch, one holding a scull the other reading a book -Tony South - Scholars

A close up of a man holding a metal ball in front of his nose with the reflection of an Ape in it -

An ape on an Indian motorcycle with a Wall of Death ride in the background - Tony South - The Great Troglato

a gorilla seated in a barber chair holding a glass of wine - Tony South - No One Came

A monkey laying on the running board of a chrome hot rod with a surfboard on the roof - Tony South - Silver Surfer

A monkey playing the guitar with a bottle of Monkey Shoulder next to him - Tony South - Too Much Monkey Business

A monkey in a chair holding a bottle of wine and a Victrola next to him - Tony South - Phono

A monkey with a beer and guitar standing by a jukebox - Tony South - Jukebox Hero

The men with pigs heads and baseball bats standing around an orange hot rod - Tony South - The Moloko Muscle

A monkey playing the drums with mechanical monkeys and bananas - Tony South - Drummer Boy

A gorilla flying through the air with an unplugged guitar - Tony South - Gravity

a monkey playing the piano with a dog - Tony South - Interlude